Look at em go!

Grow, my beauties! Grooooow!



First Fruits!

We have our first baby beans! They’re still tiny (less than 2 cm) but still… hurray! The first batch of cherry tomatoes have started to produce flower buds so I’m hoping they’ll starting producing soon too. The cucumbers, now that they’re separated, seems to be a lot happier and the herbs are zooming up too.

The plants that are doing the best are the squash and the tomatoes. The spaghetti squash, grown from discarded seeds, is now about 45 centimeters tall and it’s still growing up and out.. I may have to look at adding some structure around the pot that it’s in. The yellow squash is also taking off at an unbelievable pace and is going to force my hand to rehome it very soon. The cherry tomatoes that I first started as an idle curiosity are now about 2-3 feet tall. It blows my mind thinking about the changes that have occured over such a short time frame.

The herbs in the big planter are doing well and, hopefully, the sage and rosemary will pick up the slack soon too. No signs of basil or lavender yet, though the latter has a very long time to germinate I think.

I gave the whole garden a good feed with some plant crack.. I mean, miracle-gro, so I almost expect to walk out into a jungle tomorrow. The difference that stuff makes is amazing!