Chipping away

Got a handful of jobs taken care of over the last few days. The big ones being getting the fence back upright and tarps up on the roof.

The fence was a pain in the butt. I thought it wouldn’t take too long, but we had to pull panels down and screw in every paling before replacing the panels. It’s less aesthetically pleasing but more secure now, so we’re happy with that. A lot of the wood was rotted and soaked through so we’re hoping it’ll hold up. We may just have to add more bracing.

Yesterday hubby and a brother-in-law got up on the roof and got a couple of tarps nailed down. It’s a huge relief to have that done and it’ll prevent more damage from occurring in our ceilings. Of course, the next 10 days are forecast to be dry but we do have a good 5-6 weeks left of hurricane season.

Less essential was tidying up the yard, but I tackled that yesterday since the guys had done the roof. The tree that broke has been cut up (yay for getting a chance to use the chainsaw) and the hedges no longer look like troll dolls. In general the garden got a good trim and is looking much nicer now. I still have a lot to do, but it’s a start.

Still waiting to hear from FEMA about when they’ll be visiting us for a damage assessment, but we know they’re slammed at the moment so we’re doing the best we can to be prepared for any intervening stuff.

Think I might give myself some time to game this afternoon, it’ll be good to beat up monsters and have a laugh.


Home again

We’re back home! We didn’t expect the power to be back on so soon since it took 5 days for it to come back on after hurricane Matthew. Very thankful for electricity since the weather is heading back into “normal” summer temps of 90F+.

Our home did get some damage, most of it relatively minor and easy to patch up. The big issue is that we have a hole in the roof above my mum-in-law’s closet and the ceiling is now a big gaping maw of damp itchy nasty. You can see the underside of a shingle through the hole and, from up top, we can see where the hole is as there’s a big dip in the roof.

We’ve already applied for some assistance since we have a few other leaks and our roof is beyond repair. I honestly expected to not have a roof left at all! Thankfully, my hubby and brother-in-law we’re able to get up on the roof (rather gingerly) and get some moisture barrier nailed up as a temporary fix until we can get some tarps. While I really want to clean up inside, we’ve been told to leave things alone for the FEMA inspectors.

I’m going to take advantage of the fence being down to cut back some of the garden that I couldn’t reach before. It’ll need to be done before we repair it, and I’ve been wanting to clear that area of yard for a while now.

We’re lucky that our neighbours are lovely and the dad came over and braced some of the fencing up for us when we were gone. He also propped up some of the broken fence to try to keep people out of our back yard. He’s such a sweetie.

The rest of our neighbours fared well with only one having any damage, and that was just a tree falling on their fence.

We were also thankful that we were able to evacuate to my brother-in-law’s home for the duration of the storm. I definitely would not want to be in a mobile home for a big storm like Irma.

I’m going to try to keep positive while dealing with all this stuff and attempt to see the good side of things. In regards to my garden, I’m thinking of it as a way to reboot/reroll with the benefit of a bit more experience!