First Fruits!

We have our first baby beans! They’re still tiny (less than 2 cm) but still… hurray! The first batch of cherry tomatoes have started to produce flower buds so I’m hoping they’ll starting producing soon too. The cucumbers, now that they’re separated, seems to be a lot happier and the herbs are zooming up too.

The plants that are doing the best are the squash and the tomatoes. The spaghetti squash, grown from discarded seeds, is now about 45 centimeters tall and it’s still growing up and out.. I may have to look at adding some structure around the pot that it’s in. The yellow squash is also taking off at an unbelievable pace and is going to force my hand to rehome it very soon. The cherry tomatoes that I first started as an idle curiosity are now about 2-3 feet tall. It blows my mind thinking about the changes that have occured over such a short time frame.

The herbs in the big planter are doing well and, hopefully, the sage and rosemary will pick up the slack soon too. No signs of basil or lavender yet, though the latter has a very long time to germinate I think.

I gave the whole garden a good feed with some plant crack.. I mean, miracle-gro, so I almost expect to walk out into a jungle tomorrow. The difference that stuff makes is amazing!



Having a somewhat rest day today. We got a lot done yesterday and we’re both paying for it today with old-person aches and groans. Flint was up and down ladders checking the sheds for roof holes, and patching the main roof. Lots of stuff was moved in/out of the sheds and in/out of the house. I desperately wanted to put it off, but I got the lawns and weedeating done too. I ended up caving when I saw it was going to top 90F for the rest of the week and that’s gross to do yard work in.

After all the outside stuff was done, I spent the evening poking around in my room.. undecided if its going to be my room, the craft room, or something else. There’s a huuuge, very heavy, cabinet that I moved from spot A to spot B, then back to spot A when I decided I didnt like the way it looked. I got the furniture settled where it feels right and I keep poking my head in the door to admire the result.

There’s a bunch of nail and screw holes that need to be filled, and a small bookshelf to be built but I’m not sure if I’ll do that today or tomorrow. I was going to try to paint the walls before my dad in law arrives, but at this point it will be too smelly if I do that now.

I feel like I need to at least get a little nap in there before it has a houseguest in, as a subtle territorial marking.

The rain that we had helped the plants along a bit and there’s a heap of new flower buds all over the beans. The spaghetti squash is grabbing savagely at every stake I put down for it to grow around. This morning I was surprised to see that there are 5 more yellow squash sprouts that popped up, but still no zuchinni. The cucumber seems a bit more happy now that it’s separated, but it’s a bit water logged I think (the leaves are a bit yellow.) The tomatoes are growing like crazy, as always, and I’m checking every day for signs of flowering.

First blossoms

Whoops, left out a few days of babble! Other than poking at Skyrim mods, I’ve been busy doing RL lifeskills… mostly of the un-fun kind (cleaning) but with a bit of baking too.

I tried out two new recipes that were a hit. One was a “miracle no-knead bread which I was very sceptical about, but it was delicous! The other was a no-egg recipe for oatmeal cookies that Flint found (he was in need of cookies, but we didnt have eggs) and they came out great too!

The Beans started producing flower buds this week and, perhaps, the yellow squash too. Most of the garden has bounced back from the hammering it took when the trees were cut down, though some of the peas are looking a bit worse for wear. The tomatoes are all growing well, and I’m sure that the first batch of cherry tomatoes planted are growing at a rate you could watch.. every time I go out, they’re even bigger! The brocolli and chives are pretty much totally gone, but I was expecting that. The cucumbers were getting pretty sad looking but I finally got around to splitting them up.

We’ve had rain over the last three days and it’s made a big difference to the garden. Everything is starting to look a bit more fluffed up and healthy now, though the lawn is still mostly weeds and molehills (bloody moles, making a mess.)

Today I finally caved and tackled my craft room and made it MY craft room. I have a few more things to do, but it’s currently clean and tidy enough to use now. The motivation for this was induced by the knowledge that we were going to be having house guests this weekend and we’re low on spaces to put them that had air conditioning. I’m so sore and stiff from all the bending, pushing, pulling, lugging and hefting of boxes and furniture, but I’m glad I got it done finally.

Once I’ve got it tidy, I then get to clean the walls properly (bleach, as there’s black mold in some spots) and sanitise things (there was cat litter, and other nasties, all through the closet.) After that it’s time to paint the walls and do some proper decorating. I have a colour scheme in mind but I’ll probably have to settle for whatever I can find leftover, or cheap, at thrift stores. Below are the colours I’ve had stuck in my head for a while. I’m obsessed with yellow for walls, probably because that’s what I had as a little girl and it makes me happy!

Piles of Trees

Too pooped today to do much, after tackling the mountain of tree in the front garden. We got up early… well, Flint did and I followed, grumbling, eventually. I’m glad we got out before it got too hot. As it was, it was drippy and sweltering by the time we finished.

It’s hard to tell in either image, but those piles are high!

I’m sure, tomorrow, I’m going to have bloody sore shoulders. A lot of chopping and lugging big sticks around. It’s good to get it done though.

Last night I gave the vege garden a treat, in aid of mother’s day, and gave it a drink of some delicious blue mirale-gro. I small part of me was tempted to water half the plants and see if there will be a difference in results!

No strings attached

Last night I took the guide strings off the planter box. The string that I used wasn’t meant for outsideness and it kept stretching and was starting to look a nasty colour. While I could keep winding it tighter with sticks, or replacing it, it seemed like there ought to be a better alternative now that the planter was full.

I settled on using bamboo since we have so much of it, and it looks a lot better. In between the big plants, I dropped in small stakes to deter digging and left a net over the smaller seedlings until they’re big enough to see. Next time I’ll drop stakes in before I plant, and it’ll be a lot easier.

The cherry tomatoes on the right have really taken off in the last few days, I guess they love that heat we’ve been having. The beans (far left) and doing well with the exception of one very, dead, plant at the bottom left. I was going to transfer a healthy one to that spot to make it all organised, but I think it’s best to leave things be if they’re doing well. Instead, I’ll lift the dead bean and replace it with the rogue pea that I found last week. It won’t be perfecting organised but as long as it’s all growing, that’s what counts.

The little splashes of colour in the photo are the coloured pipe cleaners I’ve been using to hold things on stakes. Red for tomatoes, obviously, and um.. white on the beans and orange on the pea for no reason other than I like those colours.

Planter 20170511

It’s a lot cooler today, back down into the early 90s though it’s still very hazy from that swamp fire. I’m hoping we get some good rain and the wind will drop soon.

Here’s the planter just over 2 weeks ago.¬†Yay for things growing! Seeing the comparison like this is making me feel pretty pleased with myself, even though it’s the plants and sunshine doing all the hard work.


Planter 20170425