No strings attached

Last night I took the guide strings off the planter box. The string that I used wasn’t meant for outsideness and it kept stretching and was starting to look a nasty colour. While I could keep winding it tighter with sticks, or replacing it, it seemed like there ought to be a better alternative now that the planter was full.

I settled on using bamboo since we have so much of it, and it looks a lot better. In between the big plants, I dropped in small stakes to deter digging and left a net over the smaller seedlings until they’re big enough to see. Next time I’ll drop stakes in before I plant, and it’ll be a lot easier.

The cherry tomatoes on the right have really taken off in the last few days, I guess they love that heat we’ve been having. The beans (far left) and doing well with the exception of one very, dead, plant at the bottom left. I was going to transfer a healthy one to that spot to make it all organised, but I think it’s best to leave things be if they’re doing well. Instead, I’ll lift the dead bean and replace it with the rogue pea that I found last week. It won’t be perfecting organised but as long as it’s all growing, that’s what counts.

The little splashes of colour in the photo are the coloured pipe cleaners I’ve been using to hold things on stakes. Red for tomatoes, obviously, and um.. white on the beans and orange on the pea for no reason other than I like those colours.

Planter 20170511

It’s a lot cooler today, back down into the early 90s though it’s still very hazy from that swamp fire. I’m hoping we get some good rain and the wind will drop soon.

Here’s the planter just over 2 weeks ago.¬†Yay for things growing! Seeing the comparison like this is making me feel pretty pleased with myself, even though it’s the plants and sunshine doing all the hard work.


Planter 20170425


Garden Planning

Figuring out how to use the space I had was a bit awkward. It’s not a narrow path, but I can’t plant up against the fence as the neighbour’s landlord is supposedly going to be replacing it.. and I can’t plant too far along the length of the path as there are two trees (due to be removed asap) that are in the way too. I’ve had to limit it to the pots and planter below, though I’m probably going to make another box to go where the pots are, and then move the pots further down.


I didn’t realise until afterwards how much stuff I had planted! I have plenty of empty pots, but I’m running low on good soil and our yard is very, very sandy. There should be some basil and lavender seeds coming in the mail soon, unless customs scoops them up ( I found out after I ordered them that they’re coming from Hong Kong.)

Garden plan.png