First blossoms

Whoops, left out a few days of babble! Other than poking at Skyrim mods, I’ve been busy doing RL lifeskills… mostly of the un-fun kind (cleaning) but with a bit of baking too.

I tried out two new recipes that were a hit. One was a “miracle no-knead bread which I was very sceptical about, but it was delicous! The other was a no-egg recipe for oatmeal cookies that Flint found (he was in need of cookies, but we didnt have eggs) and they came out great too!

The Beans started producing flower buds this week and, perhaps, the yellow squash too. Most of the garden has bounced back from the hammering it took when the trees were cut down, though some of the peas are looking a bit worse for wear. The tomatoes are all growing well, and I’m sure that the first batch of cherry tomatoes planted are growing at a rate you could watch.. every time I go out, they’re even bigger! The brocolli and chives are pretty much totally gone, but I was expecting that. The cucumbers were getting pretty sad looking but I finally got around to splitting them up.

We’ve had rain over the last three days and it’s made a big difference to the garden. Everything is starting to look a bit more fluffed up and healthy now, though the lawn is still mostly weeds and molehills (bloody moles, making a mess.)

Today I finally caved and tackled my craft room and made it MY craft room. I have a few more things to do, but it’s currently clean and tidy enough to use now. The motivation for this was induced by the knowledge that we were going to be having house guests this weekend and we’re low on spaces to put them that had air conditioning. I’m so sore and stiff from all the bending, pushing, pulling, lugging and hefting of boxes and furniture, but I’m glad I got it done finally.

Once I’ve got it tidy, I then get to clean the walls properly (bleach, as there’s black mold in some spots) and sanitise things (there was cat litter, and other nasties, all through the closet.) After that it’s time to paint the walls and do some proper decorating. I have a colour scheme in mind but I’ll probably have to settle for whatever I can find leftover, or cheap, at thrift stores. Below are the colours I’ve had stuck in my head for a while. I’m obsessed with yellow for walls, probably because that’s what I had as a little girl and it makes me happy!


Upside Down

Today was going to be an scheduled no-yard day as it was supposed to be raining on and off from lunch time. It only rained for a wee while during the day though, so I was a bit put out. It looked like it might rain, maybe (a la winnie the pooh “tut, tut, it looks like rain) so I erred on the side of dry caution and decided to stay indoors!

This plan was stymied this afternoon though, as we had a guy turn up to cut the two troublesome trees down that were damaging the path and, potentially, growing roots under our home (not good.) We weren’t planning to be out lugging tree limbs, but he turned up to take a look and said he could cut them down straight away. And so… it ended up being the opposite of a lazy!

The tree cutting did a fair amount of damage to the vege patch but I think (touch wood) that I may have got them upright on the stakes soon enough. We had more rain tonight which I’m hoping will help rejuvanate the poor bent little guys.

Another byproduct of the tree dooming is that there’s a bunch of neat pieces of wood that I now have to play with. One piece from the bottom of the oak tree that I’m planning to turn into a fairy house thingy, which I would like to use in a little herb garden thingy. I kinda have a visual of what I want it to look like, but I’m unsure of my abilities to carve wood without carving myself, too!

By the time I had de-leaved myself and no longer looked and smelled like a treant, it was too dark to take photos. I’ll post some tomorrow of the mountain of debri that I get to chop up and maybe of the garden if it’s not too sad.

The broccoli and chives seedlings have bit the dust over the last day, I think it’s just been too hot for them. The next seeds I plant, I’ll start indoors and see if that helps. At this point, even if everything in the planter goes splat, I’m not too worried about having to replant. The progress over 3 weeks has been pretty good, so I could just replant everything if needed.

The day was capped off by treating my mum-in-law to a treat for dinner and a bunch of bright flowers. I also tried out a new recipe for a pineapple upside down cake which is her favourite type of cake. I’m hoping the cake turns out well, as it looks pretty on the site I pulled the recipe from. If it works out, I’ll post it to the food part of this site!


Potential fairy house.. maybe?

Update: Nope, my bad cake juju continues. It turned out pretty but lied to me when it told me it was cooked through (the toothpick was clean!). When inverted, the middle was uncooked and couldn’t be salvaged. Tomorrow I’ll try again using the same recipe in cupcake form, which is mum-in-law’s preferred cake format anyway.

A Case of Mistaken IdentiPea

I’m such a noob! What I though was Rosemary turned out to be another Pea popping up. I’m reusing the pots that I had my first batch of seeds in and, I guess, one little pea decided to grow after all it’s siblings had moved on. I think there is actually a teeny, tiny, rosemary seedling though.. but it could just as easily be a weed.

On the left, we have “Not Rosemary” aka Pea.. and on the right, “Maybe Rosemary” aka perhaps a weed.

Something has been digging little holes in the dirt and I can’t tell what’s doing it. Chances are, it’s one of the squirrels or birds in the yard. There’s no moisture or nasty surprises so I don’t think it’s cats. Either way, I’ve added extra stakes between the plants in the hope that it might be too pointy and cause inconvenience for digging critters.

We had a large amount of smoke from the swamp fire yesterday and we were still getting random orange sunshine at times. The windy conditions have been making that fire worse so, hopefully, we get some proper rain soon.