A Case of Mistaken IdentiPea

I’m such a noob! What I though was Rosemary turned out to be another Pea popping up. I’m reusing the pots that I had my first batch of seeds in and, I guess, one little pea decided to grow after all it’s siblings had moved on. I think there is actually a teeny, tiny, rosemary seedling though.. but it could just as easily be a weed.

On the left, we have “Not Rosemary” aka Pea.. and on the right, “Maybe Rosemary” aka perhaps a weed.

Something has been digging little holes in the dirt and I can’t tell what’s doing it. Chances are, it’s one of the squirrels or birds in the yard. There’s no moisture or nasty surprises so I don’t think it’s cats. Either way, I’ve added extra stakes between the plants in the hope that it might be too pointy and cause inconvenience for digging critters.

We had a large amount of smoke from the swamp fire yesterday and we were still getting random orange sunshine at times. The windy conditions have been making that fire worse so, hopefully, we get some proper rain soon.