Cross-stitch & woodchopping

It’s another hot day here again and, while the back path (where the vege garden is) is a little shaded, the back yard where the big jobs get done is too exposed to the sun. It’s probably going to top 100F again today and there’s not a cloud in the sky. I did a little pottering about this morning, but will have to wait until early evening before I consider doing anything else. Sunburn and heatstroke aren’t fun gardening companions!

Yesterday and today, I’ve been doing cross stitch to keep my hands occupied. It’s a four panel piece that’s I’ve been working on for at least a year, maybe even two. It’s not especially large, and I do find it a relaxing pass time, but I also burn out on it pretty quick as there’s not a lot of variation in colours or design on it. When finished (when, not if!) it will be nice to have it framed on the wall of my potential craft room, assuming the space ever gets cleared! One problem I’m having with the embroidery though, is that my eyes are getting worse so I’ve had to resort to taking a photo of segments of the pattern and then zooming in on it. I also had to buy some granny reading glasses at dollar tree to be able to see the stitches, and I imagine that I look something like this when I wear them:


At the same time as the embroidery, I’ve been playing BDO and working on processing materials in game to make myself a fancy ship to sail in. There’s one thing about BDO that I really like, which is being able to use time away-from-keyboard and be productive. You can do crafting, fishing and horse training while afk so even when you’re off doing other stuff (like gardening outside in the real world) you can make progress in game!



Sea Monster Hunting

Last night a group of us went out on the guild galley and did some sea monster hunting! Standing in the crow’s nest of the ship gives a great vantage point for taking screenshots. I didn’t get any last night but here’s a couple from last week that I liked. I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to getting screenshots, and there’s been many a time where my poor little toon has gone splat for the sake of a pretty picture!

I was testing out the discord overlay which is why it’s displayed on the top image (not using it anymore for that reason.)

Smoky skies today

I was going to get stuck into making the second planter, and some kinda frame for the cucumbers today… until I went outside and saw the strange orange colour of the light out there. Overnight, the wind has driven the smoke from the West Mims fire (in the Okefenokee swamp) over Jacksonville. It’s quite windy today and the combination of it all lends itself to quite an apocalyptic effect outside. I couldn’t quite capture it with the camera, but it reminded me of the neat coloured sunsets we would get in NZ when Mt Pinutubo erupted.


I did get the beans staked, and added some support for the peas too as they’re starting to curl up with each other (cute, but the wrong direction.) After the rain the other day, I lost 2 bean plants but, conveniently, I had 2 rogues grow in a pot that I had thought was empty so I moved them over. It’s good to find a use for all that bamboo in the garden.



Since it’s not really good breathing weather outside, I guess I’ll just have to play inside instead.  Watch out monsters, here I come!!