Running around like a headless Stormcloak!

The last few days have been busy!

The night before last, my pc became a victim to my spring cleaning urge and had a clean windows install inflicted on it. I must say that the Windows 10 install has got to be the most simple and easy one I’ve gone through! It was a painless operation and my wee little pc is running much better now.

We’ve been having connection issues again and, though we assumed it was the ISP, decided to err on the side of caution and test out some other hardware. We thought it might have been the router as it had been running on the wrong ac adaptor for a while so. We headed out to go thrift store hunting and managed to find a router for $6. Thankfully, the router worked after doing a factory reset.. but it didnt fix the problem. Last time we had issues, it took 3-4 months for them to isolate the issue as being a faulty cable, somewhere off our property, and I’m not going through that song and dance again. So I contacted the local tech supervisor for our ISP directly and he sent out a technician almost straight away. This is much better than spending 3 hours on the phone with a script reader trying to guide me through how to reboot my modem! The tech said that he could see problems, so he’ll let the supervisor know and, hopefully, it’ll be fixed with less headache than last time.

Not only did we score a great deal on a router, but we grabbed 3 office chairs that were in great condiftion for $5 each. Flint’s chair was cobbled together out of leftover bits, and mine was horrible, so this was a great find. Other than a few nicks and small holes, they’re in fabulous shape and should last us a while. The third chair I’m saving to use in my craft room, should I ever get the crap that’s not mine out of there. The chair I’m using needs to be altered a bit to suit, as I can’t stand the feel of the vinyl on my feet. At the moment, I’ve got a towel on the seat, and a scarf on the back, until I come up with a design for a cover that can be removed easily and washed.

Given our connection issues, I decided to give into temptation and have a play with Skyrim again. It’s one of those games that I can always fall back on if all esle fails. I was relatively restrained with mods this time around as the SE version has a lot better graphics. I took a few screenshots to show progress, while I was messing about. I love taking screenshots in Skyrim! It’ll take a wee while before I actually start playing properly, but its all fun and games.


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