More seeds

Had some more seeds arrive through the mail today. I ordered them as an extra on an amazon order  ( I had a few dollars on a gift card that I earned through microsoft rewards) and I wasn’t sure if they were going to get scooped up by customs, or not.

Planted today (from left), Lavender, Basil and Safflower. Everything is still looking a bit sad, but I think part of that is due to the ash that we had falling yesterday and the heat picking up again. I may have to rig up a shade with some of the random crap in the yard before summer hits. The thyme has recently starting pushing up in the planter box, and the slices of tomato that I planted are sprouting too.

I reaaally need to get a second planter down for the tomatoes and get a frame up for the cucumber to climb. I’ve still got plenty of old pre-used lumber to recycle, it’s just a matter of coming up with a plan and carrying it out.

Other jobs to do include making a watering can (so I can dose the plant food) and making some proper plant labels now everything is down. I have a few ideas to try out for both things that will resuse stuff we already have. I am a little tempted though, to get some tiny pots from dollar tree, paint them black with chalkboard paint, and then just label them with chalk. Being able to reuse plant labels seems like it would be a good idea. For the watering can, I’m going to try poking holes in various arrangements/sizes in some old juice bottles and see what happens.

The lawnmower is also in desperate need of attention so I need to do some research on that. New oil, new air filter, new sparkplug, a new diaphragm on the carburettor… and it’s still fouling spark plugs within a few hours. One perk with the lack of rain is that the lawns aren’t yet needing to be mown every week.


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