Garden Planning

Figuring out how to use the space I had was a bit awkward. It’s not a narrow path, but I can’t plant up against the fence as the neighbour’s landlord is supposedly going to be replacing it.. and I can’t plant too far along the length of the path as there are two trees (due to be removed asap) that are in the way too. I’ve had to limit it to the pots and planter below, though I’m probably going to make another box to go where the pots are, and then move the pots further down.


I didn’t realise until afterwards how much stuff I had planted! I have plenty of empty pots, but I’m running low on good soil and our yard is very, very sandy. There should be some basil and lavender seeds coming in the mail soon, unless customs scoops them up ( I found out after I ordered them that they’re coming from Hong Kong.)

Garden plan.png


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