Getting my hands dirty again

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve attempted to keep a blog. Normally I’ll start with good intentions, devolve to apologetic posts to my imaginary readers within a few months, and then it’ll dwindle away to nothing and eventual deletion after months of inactivity. In the past I’ve attempted to blog about beer, gaming, mental health and, most recently, food and crafts. I was never sure who the “audience” for my blogs would be and this led me to feeling ridiculously self conscious about posts. I would cringe every time I started a sentence with “I” and I would get angsty about grammar and formatting (“Oh, no.. another sentence with too many clauses and/or parentheses.”) Ultimately though, who cares what/how I write? I’m writing for me and, perchance, the random visitor who stumbles here.

My most recent blogging attempt has been prompted by gardening. I was wanting to find a way to keep track of information and changes and what better way than a blog? I’m sure there’ll be other crap that pops up here, it’s inevitable and I’ll run with it.

And so.. gardening. I’ve always enjoyed pottering about in the garden and I have many fond memories of “helping” Grandad and Mum in the yard. I’m pretty sure my assistance was more of a hindrance, but it’s hard to tell what the weeds are when you’re just a wee one. My late father in law loved his garden too and was out there at every opportunity. After he died, the back yard (which was never a tidy place) became a bit of a dump. I always had the intention of doing “something” with it.. but it never happened. There were many excuses, but it was basically a case of it being too big a job to tackle all at once. Over the last few years, everything became over grown and the back path turned into this dark, damp pathway that was not at all pleasant (and to be perfectly honest, a bit dangerous.) A few weeks back, I decided it was time for a change.

I love tomatoes! Really love them… Give me a bowl of cherry tomatoes and I’ll pop em like candy. If I can get them at a good price, I will gorge on them.. however, I do tend to be a bit forgetful and then the last few always end up getting tossed out. A couple of months back, Flint (my husband) suggested that I try to plant the last handful of wrinkly old tomatoes, rather than throw them out. I wasn’t overly keen, but the thought of a whole lotta tomatoes for free was temptation enough to give it a shot. I grabbed an old ice cream tub, filled it with dirt from the garden path and buried those old tomatoes. I was a little dubious as to whether it would work or not but, after a few weeks, we found sprouts!

All of a sudden I wanted to plant all the things!! My mind ran rampant with the ideas of planting leftovers and stretching dollars (and my belly) with fresh, homegrown produce. The only problem is that there was nowhere to plant “all the things.” I kept looking out the back door and then rejecting the idea of going out there. It was too hard, too hot, my back was too sore… the list went on. Eventually though, we had a weekend where the temperature was just right and I had motivation.

Over the next week, Flint and I did some major excavation on the back path and it slowly became a usable space. Weeds were cleared, roots pulled, holes dug and a planter box made. The balance shifted and now I had plenty of space (and a plethora of pots) that I could use, but nothing more than a handful of tomato seedlings to plant. A trip to a local store changed that, and I came back with a handful of seed packets that I picked up for 25c each. What a bargain! If only a few of each seed produced veges, I’d be getting a better deal than the grocery store. Every time we went out, I would find something else that I wanted to plant and I ended up with quite a bit more than I had planned for. I wanted to track when things were planted, keep photo records (sooo many photos) and notes. I was posting photos like a maniac on twitter but it’s not a great platform for record keeping. Spreadsheets weren’t going to do the trick (blasphemy) so I had to think of something else… and here it is!


The aforementioned planter box. Everything is a bit sad looking as it had just been transplanted from pots and it was bloody hot that day.

Almost every seed planted has germinated now and I had so many photos and thoughts that its a bit overwhelming. I do want to track progression for each plant so I’ll need to figure that out.

Anyway… voila! first post done!



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